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The Revenue Department’s News

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Knowledge of accounting and taxes

Documents and details of company registration

Company / Partnership

1.Corporate name reservation document.

2.Copies of owner’s ID card with email and telephone number

3.Prepare 3 name of companies both Thai and Eng (in case for checking)

Document for company registration after set up company name.

1.Company address, email and telephone number of all committee

2.Company objective

3.Company capital

4.Name of authorized person

5.Proportion of investment of each committee

6.List of committee name that have powered to sign

7.Copy of ID and house registration of all committee

8.Accounting period for preparing financial statements

9.Company map with near by places (cannot use google map)

10.Company stamp , 2 cases

  – Case1: No company logo, we will prepare company stamp both Thai and English in square shape

  – Case2: Have company logo, can do stamp as designed

Documents use for Company VAT registration

1.Por Por 01 form  = 3 sets (we will prepare for customer)

2.Por Por 01.1 form = 3 sets (we will prepare for customer)

3.Copy of authorized person’s ID and copy of house registration

4.Company certificate (not more than 6 months)

5.Letter of consent, copy of ID  and house registration of the owner of company location and purchase or lease agreement contract.

6.Company map

7.Photos of company location with clear sight of building, company sign and address number.

Documents required for social security registration

Employer registration

1.Employer registration form (สปส 1-01) (we will prepare for customer)

2.Power of attorney (we will prepare for customer)

3.Copy of ID of all committee

4.Copy of ID of authorized person (we will prepare for customer)

5.Letter of consent, copy of ID  and house registration of the owner of company location.

6.Company map

7.Company Certificate

8.Bor Aor Jor2, 3, 5 documents

9.Photos of company location with clear sight of building, company sign and address number.

Employee Registration

1.Employee registration letter (สปส 1-02) (we will prepare for customer)

2.Employee registration form (สปส 1-03) (we will prepare for customer)

3.Copy of ID of all employee

4.List name of employee

5.Salary details of all employee

6.List of hospital name that employee choose

Online submission of Social security registration

  1. Electronice application form (สปส 1-05) (we will prepare for customer)
Documents to be prepared for the accounting firm each month


1.Invoice/Tax Invoice

2.Tax deduction document (Tavi-50)


1.Expense receipts

2.Salary payment receipt of all employee

3.Freelance expense/ receipt

4.Normal payment receipt issued by non-company entity

Other document, etc leases contract

The document used to change the address

1. Por Por 09  total 3 sets

2. Copy of Por Por20 total 2 sets

3. Original Por Por 20

4. Copy of rental contract (in case of rent office) 2 sets. If total rental charge in the contract is more than 1 million baht, need to bring document to stamp at department of revenue

5. Copy of house registration of company address 2 sets

6. Ownership document of the office location or title deed document

7. Copy of Id and house registration of building owner

8. Company map and photo of the location 2 sets

9. Copy of ID of authorized committee 2 copy

10. Company certificate (not more than 6 months) 2 copy

11. Power of attorney documents (we will prepare for customer)

12. Copy of Por Por 01 and Por por 01.1  , 2 sets each

13. If committee of company is foreigner, copy of passport and visa is needed

14. Letter of consent of building owner 2 sets

15. Por Por 30 document for the past 2 years (optional)

16. Copy of building owner 2 sets

Documents required for liquidation and liquidation

Standard process to liquidation

1. Set up committee which will settle the company account

2. Reason of company liquidation

Documents required

  1. Copy of ID of all partner and committee , 3 sets each
  2. Copy of house registration of all partner and committee, 3 sets each
  3. Copy of Por Por30 for the past 12 months (In the case of VAT registration business)
  4. Financial statement of company and Por Ngor Dor50 of previous year
  5. งบทดลองปีก่อนหน้าของกิจการ
  6. E-mail of all company committee
  7. Telephone number of all company committee
Documents to be prepared at the end of the year

1. Company Bank statement at the end of year and OD amount of year end

2. Any lease contract for building, car and etc. (if any)

3. Bank lease contract and related documents (if any)

4. Car leasing contract (if any)

5. Collateral money (if any)

6. Invoice waiting to be collected from customer at the end of year

7. Invoice waiting to be paid to supplier at the end of year

8. Inventory details at the end of year (if any)

9. Tax deduction document (Tavi 50) of the whole year

10. Summary employee report of the whole year (if any)

11. Summary income of company of the whole year

12. Summary expense of company of the whole year

Documents to prepare in case of changing the accounting firm

1. Latest financial report

2. Latest Por Ngor Dor50

3. Latest asset record

4. Other related financial record of company

5. ID password for online financial submission

6. ID password for online tax submission

7. ID password for online social security submission

8. Company certificate and company stamp

9. List of company committee (Bor Or Jor5)

10. Copy of ID card of committee, telephone number and email

Updated news of account and tax

The Revenue Department’s News

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The Revenue Department’s News

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