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Prepare a withholding tax report

Prepare a withholding tax report

Service for preparing withholding tax reports , we guarantee the quality of work with quality accounting personnel and experience for a longer time than decade , operate with accuracy , integrity , and speed , so saving you time and enabling you to keep with your growing core business opportunities.

Information about withholding tax

The money deducted by the payer before been paid to the payee And bring the amount deducted to the state, so The payee will not receive the full amount , but you will receive a withholding certificate (a form of money plus a piece of paper) and the payer will have to pay the full amount only paid to the recipient part of the money Another part will be to the Revenue Department within 7 days in the case of printing to file at the local revenue or by the 15th of the following month ifyou file your taxes online

According to the IRS criteria , withholding tax is a great help to slow down the payment of many taxes at one time at the end of the year It is a multiple payment instead , which , if the taxpayer has to pay the money in one go, may affect the taxpayer’s financial situation , in additionally The state also benefits from receiving tax payments in circulation for months and also to prevent tax evasion as well

Not just a company or legal persons only have to withhold tax, which will withhold tax depends on the type of item paid, even if you are not registered Is a legal entity, but does business with hiring employees, paid wages, It must have withholding tax to the Revenue Department always (In the event that it meets the criteria for the deduction)

In simple terms , all taxpayers will be withholding tax , which if you are not a taxpayer, you will not be withholding tax , but if you are deducted and you are not qualified taxed you can ask for the money that has been deducted , which In most cases it will be businesses that have BOI or underage taxable income.

When paying more than 1,000 baht at one time or several times altogether , for example , if you pay for services worth 1,400 baht 2 times 700 baht each time , you have to deduct both times aswell , even not exceeding 1,000 baht each.

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