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Tax reporting , VAT filling P.P. 30 and P.N.D 51

We provide tax reporting services , Vat filing both p.p. 30 and p.n.d. 51 to the Revenue Department
as specified by we will operate continuously every month , and we will do all the work as soon as
possible , this will save you time in managing the account by yourself.

Information about VAT P.P. 30 and P.N.D. 51

is a document summarizing input tax – sales tax that business owners have to be usedto submit a VAT declaration to the Revenue Department every month , so must be made by the 15th day of the next month , and will have the following conditions.

1. In the case of businesses with income more than 1.8 million Baht / year

Must submit an application for VAT registration or filing p.p. 01 at The Area Revenue Office , and then in every month the company filed for VAT registration will must file p.p. 30 within 15th of the following month on the monthly basis.

2. In case of starting a business Or establishing a new business

if have purchased products Or always service when during the construction or installation phasemachinery , you must submit a VAT registration application document within 6 months prior to thestart of business , and then you must vat filing in every month such as in the first case.

P.N.D 51
is the corporate income tax return for half an accounting period (6 months) or simply explain is the corporate tax is paid to the Revenue Department for profits in the first 6 months , and then will the tax is calculated again when At the end of the year. (P.N.D. 50)

Person responsible for filing a return P.N.D. 51

1. A company or juristic partnership that has to prepare an estimate of net profit or net loss.

2. Commercial banks registered companies under the law on commercial banking or a finance company, Securities companies or credit foncier companies under the law governing finance ,  business and credit foncier business or corporate or juristic partnership tax instant profit (net loss) in the first half of the year.

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