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Promotion : Company registration starting price 6,000 THB

Free ✓ Company Stamp
Free ✓ Create Password (e-filing) To deliver to the  bank via electronic
Free ✓ Create ภ.อ.01 Password for filing customer taxes , filing taxes P.P.30 and P.N.D.1,3,53

(Approve with in 1 day)

Accounting service starting price 2,000 THB

✓ annual closing
✓ Statement of Financial Position
✓ Prepare a monthly Income Statement

We provide advice on the preparation of accurate accounting documents.
Provide advice and solve problems on the side of the account that occur with the company.
Including helping to check the correctness of the document

Our office provides auditing service accounting service and submission of financial statement to , we have expert officer who can provide you with a full range of services, so we confident thatcan rightly operate from your objective.

Our Services

Company / partnerships registation

Accounting service

Accounting system implementation

Close annual statement , check account and tax

Withholding Tax

Tax reporting , VAT filling

payroll outsourcing

Our accounting office provides audit services in accordance with auditing standards issued by the Federation of Accounting Professions. We provide special audit services to refund income tax and VAT in accordance with revenue department requirements.

The best services

We focus on accuracy, Be honest and speed for the efficiency of growing your business,Our people have the expertise to work and are ready to provide a full range of consultations on various matters, Therefore, we will be happy to serve you and take care of you closely. Join us!

Charl Associate Accounting Office

One stop service

You will receive a variety of services including accounting auditing, accounting system, Company registration, Plan taxes and ready provide comprehensive consultation onthe above services.

Highly specialized

We have officers who specialize in all of our services that can educate and provide answers to any questions you may have, in operation, we focus on accuracy, honesty and speed are essentially.


From the experience than 50 years, until we have SME companies to leading companies, we trust and trust ourservices.

Can be examined

Our offices operate as standard and step by step in every service , you can be examined our operation in every step because we focus on accuracy , be honest and speed.


Because we understand the current global economy, which is a major global problem facing, so we want to supportwe want to support you with cost-effective services.

Company registration services from as little as 6,000 THB

Include expense & fees.
Free ✓ Company Stamp
Free ✓ Create Password (e-filing) To deliver to the bank via electronic
Free ✓ Create ภ.อ.01 Password for filing customer taxes , filing taxes P.P.30 and P.N.D.1,3,53

Knowledge / News

You can follow articles and news about accounts, taxes , and other related matters , we’ll be published that’s up to date with the current situation and future stories. Able to follow to read here , for the regular news awareness

Charl Associate Accounting Office one of the pioneers of all kinds of services. We provide company registration , accounting , auditing and tax planning consulting services. Nowadays , we have many trustees in our services to grow along the way.

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