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Detailed company registration process

1. Reserve the company name for 3 names for use in the registration of the company establishment
(will be considered from first name onwards If the first name is duplicate or fails to meet one of the criteria The registrar will consider the next name instead)

2. Register the Memorandum of Association By specifying the address, purpose, number of shares and information of at least 3 founders. Including starting with the company and ending with the word limited which in submitting the memorandum of association must be filed within 30 days from the date the Registrar notifies the results of the company name certification. The Memorandum of Association must be signed by all co-producers.

3. Arranging a meeting to establish a company After the company’s shares are fully subscribed according to the registered capital Must arrange a meeting to establish a company In the meeting, the agenda of the meeting will be set by the organizer, such as setting up the company’s regulations. Choosing a certified public accountant to audit and certify financial statements, certification of the contract that the founder made before the registration of the company, determine the remuneration for the founder or founder. Determination of the number of preferred shares, until the election of the Board of Directors to act on behalf of the founder and carry out various activities on behalf of the company by collecting at least 25% of the actual share price, then, when the stock value is fully collected will apply for company registration. The registration must be filed within 3 months from the date of the meeting.

4. Pay the fee to receive a certificate of company registration which will have to pay various fees such as registration fee for memorandum of association, company registration fee, issuing fee certificate, etc. Then, when the registrar has received the company registration and has given the certificate. The company will have a legal role.

5. In the event that entrepreneurs earn more than 1.8 million baht / year from selling products or providing services, they must register VAT.

Why choose C.A company to register your company and partnership ?

100% Accuracy

We can operate to accurately company & partnership registration 100% for save the time of entrepreneur, In case that you data entrepreneurs or doing it yourself may cause mistakes in registration. and may have an impact later after being registered already due to company & partnership registration have complexly process. We are ready to advice on everything related (no service fee !)

Specialize in all business

We have experience in registering every business. both companies and partnerships for more than several decades therefore proficient in registration correct, no matter what type of business we can register them all.

Finish within 1 day

We operate in rapidly company & partnership registration, approved within 1 day, save the time and reduce issue a lot of documents, which all process.

Company & Partnership registration service

Starting from 6,000* baht (normal price is 10,000 baht)

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